What is ‘separate collection’?

Separate collection means separating your waste by type/material and presenting each material in a separate container for collection. Hence, a separate container is required for each recyclable material and any subsequent handling must maintain that separation until the waste can be recycled.

Fully segregating waste is the best way to promote high quality recycling because it ensures that the recyclable materials do not contaminate one another. 

Under certain circumstances, however, it is acceptable to mix or “co-mingle” certain waste streams while still maintaining high quality recycling . Your waste contractor will be able to advise on what is acceptable within the terms of the new Regulations. Co-mingled collection systems can be helpful if space is at a premium. You can find out more about this in the answer to: what is a co-mingled collection?

Kerbside sorting systems - where the materials are placed in the same container and then sorted by the waste contractor into different vehicle compartments during collection are also classed as “separate collection”.