How will I know that my waste will be recycled?

Waste managers are prohibited from mixing your separately collected recyclable waste with other wastes and from sending it to incineration or landfill (this applies from 1st January 2014). This ensures that the effort you put into source separation will not be undermined and all materials that are fit for recycling (i.e. recyclable materials that are clean and dry) will be recycled.

You may also wish to ask your waste contractor to provide you with information on the final destination of the materials you segregate for recycling.

If you hand waste to a carrier, and you suspect that your separately collected recyclables are being fly-tipped or are going to an incinerator or landfill, it is your responsibility to inform SEPA through their 24 hour pollution hotline – 0800 80 70 60. You can also use Crimestoppers’ anonymous online report form.