Do they apply to householders?

No, these Regulations do not apply to households and premises that are used solely for domestic purposes. It is however, your responsibility to ensure that any waste produced on your property is only taken by someone who is authorised to carry that waste (registered waste carrier).

When your waste is collected by your local authority or their contractor, they will already be registered as a waste carrier, so you don’t need to check their details or exchange paperwork with them. The same is true for a charity uplifting textiles from a doorstep collection.

If however, your waste is collected by another organisation, you should ask that person/company if they are a registered waste carrier. You may wish to confirm their registration is valid and this can be done by checking the SEPA public register. Only after you have confirmed this should you give your waste to them. It is also advisable to ask where your waste is going.

You still have responsibility to store your waste safely, without causing harm or pollution to the environment and in accordance with the law while it is awaiting collection.

If you give your waste to a friend or neighbour to dispose of then you need to ensure that they will be taking the waste to a site with an environmental permit, for example the local recycling centre. A recycling centre is provided by the local authority only for householders to deposit their own household waste. Each local authority operates such sites differently. If you take a large van full of waste, the operator of the site would have the right to ask you to prove that the waste is from your own household so take some evidence with you.