Do the Regulations apply to self-catering accommodation?

Self-catering accommodation such as holiday lodges, static caravan sites and self-catering sections of hotels are classed as business premises. As such, they are required to separate metal, glass, plastic, paper & card. Where there are multiple units on one site, a centrally located ‘bring facility’ servicing the accommodation units would suffice to collect the key materials generated. The requirement to recycle and facilities available should be clearly communicated to ensure they are correctly used by all visitors using the accommodation.   

In respect of the food waste requirements of the regulations, self-catering accommodation does not fit the definition of a ‘food business’, i.e. …carrying out any activity related to the processing, distribution, preparation or sale of food. Hotels, holiday parks and other sites  that provide self-catering accommodation will not be required to separate food waste

The regulations provide a minimum requirement for recycling, individual businesses may find it advantageous to go beyond the minimum requirements especially with the growing market for greener tourism destinations.