Will hospitals, hospices and residential care homes have to separate their food waste?

Hospitals, hospices and  residential care or nursing homes  are food businesses if they process, distribute, prepare or sell food. Businesses which  are covered by the  definition  of a hospital in Section 108 of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978 (see below)  OR which produce less than 50 kg of food waste a week are not required to take steps to ensure separate collection of their food waste until 1 January 2016. If your business is not a “hospital” and you produce more than 50kg of food waste a week then the duty  to ensure separate collection applies from 1 January 2014 . 

“hospital” means:

a) Any institution for the reception and treatment of persons suffering from illness

b) Any maternity home, and

c) Any institution for the reception and treatment of persons during convalescence or persons requiring medical rehabilitation, and any institution for providing dental treatment maintained in connection with a dental school, 

And includes clinics, dispensaries and out-patient departments maintained in connection with any such home or institution, and “hospital accommodation” shall be construed accordingly.