What is a co-mingled collection?

Co-mingled collections are where some, or all, of the key recyclable materials are collected together in the same container and later sorted at a Materials Recycling Facility (“MRF”).

If you are offered a co-mingled collection, it is reasonable to expect the following from your contractor:

  • A collection service tailored to meet the needs of your business, with reliable and regular collections.
  • Information on how to use the service effectively (e.g. clean and dry materials) and to avoid contamination by non-target and non-recyclable waste.
  • Clear labelling of collection receptacles to identify what material should be included and what should be excluded.
  • A system of spot-checks to assess collected material for non-target and non- recyclable materials and feedback identified problems with appropriate advice.
  • Collections of recyclable material should be processed to ensure they achieve high quality recycling equivalent to that from separately collected waste.

It is widely understood that glass compromises the recycling outcome for paper and card in a co-mingled collection therefore it is highly unlikely that a comingled collection which includes glass and paper or card would be acceptable within the Regulations.