Are there any exemptions?

There are three absolute exemptions from the requirement to present food waste for separate collection.

Rural food business premises - Rural is defined using the six-fold classification system used by Scottish Government. You can find out if you are in a rural area by clicking the postcode icon in the top right hand corner of this page and inputting your business postcode when prompted.

Food businesses producing less than 5kg per week - If you consistently produce less than 5kg of food waste per week then the requirement to present that food waste for separate collection does not apply. 5kg is roughly equivalent to a full domestic kitchen caddy or a half-full black bin bag.

Please note that, even if you are in a rural area or fall below the thresholds, you may still wish to use food waste recycling services.

Food waste that has arisen from international transport - International catering waste is designated as a ‘Category 1 Animal By-Product’. This means it requires specialist management and does not fall within the scope of these Regulations.