What materials are included under the new Regulations?

The key materials (metal, plastic, glass, paper and card) are specifically mentioned in the legislation. However, for some sub-categories of these materials (e.g. Pyrex glass) there are no recycling options available at the moment. In such cases, producers are not expected to segregate these materials from residual waste.

The new Regulations also require food businesses in non-rural areas  to segregate their food waste for separate collection.  You’ll find out if this applies to you by going to:  Am I a food business and do I need to recycle my food waste? 

The requirement to apply the waste hierarchy applies to all wastes produced; therefore any material capable of being reused, recycled or otherwise recovered (such as textiles, WEEE, wood, tyres, etc.) should be segregated where practically possible. Following segregation, the hierarchy should be used to identify the best available option to deal with each material.

Your waste management contractor will be able to provide advice on the appropriate materials to segregate for collection and how to avoid contamination.